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My name is Laang Leung, a happy Christian and father of 12 lovely kids. I enjoy doodling, messing with computer graphics, playing with Apple stuff and hanging out with my friends. I like the taste of ice-cream and The Sound Of Music. Harrison Ford and Emma Thomson are my favorite movie stars, and Max Lucado being my favorite writer.
Besides computer graphics and music, I like learning different languages. Where are you from? Do you blog? Let me know! God bless.



1. Siky Ho SK - July 25, 2006

Tonight意外地發現this網頁,看到認識的面孔,還記得我嘛?你的其中一位小學同學―Siky Ho SK!看完你過去所寫的覺得你活得十分充實、開心、有意義及特別,而我只是毎日番工、收エ、放假的Cycle,十分平淡及不値一提!Compare your meaningful life with mine’s boring life,真覺得自己十分渺小! Our Primary School must 以你為榮!!(希望我無認錯人啦!)

2. Siky Ho SK - September 13, 2006

果然我無認錯,是你! Thx你sign我guestbook!我OK呀!即番エ、收エ、番エ、收エ咁law!你有我e-mail ma?有time通下mail 啊!Take care and waiting for your mail! ^^

3. Forte - July 17, 2007

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