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Praise Jesus, and thx, Tim [Part 1] April 13, 2007

Posted by laang in journal.

Have not blogged for a while, coz kinda busy with the Global Chinese Alpha Conference in HK, the Youth Alpha Training Day and the 2 concerts of Tim Hughes with The Planet Shakers, which finally all ended yesterday. And Tim’s gone back to the UK right after that.
I was kinda like Tim’s personal assistant during the whole thing. It was really really a GREAT experience. I hafta say Tim is the most gifted and yet most humble and gentle man I’ve ever known. I learnt a great deal from Tim, and from many other great servants of the Lord from all over the world thruout the events. I’ll share more on my experience for the past few days later.
And yes, we took this picture of us while we were having dinner on the peak. Haha, yey! Praise the Lord!



1. anna : ) - April 15, 2007

did u see me??
so gooooood to work with tim… nei jau ho la~ so happy for you!
miss you ah, fai d eat with me

2. laang - April 15, 2007

Yeah I did see you guys in front of the other side of the stage that night. 🙂 Sorry didn’t really get the chance to say hi coz I was really busy taking care of Tim, he had to fly rite after the concert. (In fact he left he hall b4 the whole thing ended)
That’s wat’s in my mind, let’s have dinner together la nui, ho long time no talk. And a movie would be great too! Hehehe.

3. anna : ) - May 2, 2007

you never update your site..
and how’s our podcast thing?

4. Laang Leung - May 3, 2007

sorry for not updating… >

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