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Facebook, Twitter, Xanga… March 20, 2007

Posted by laang in journal.


E-mail.MacGmail,Tungfook mail




你們呢,不介意的話post上comment看看。 🙂



1. Ram - March 20, 2007

Email (still using): 2 Hotmail accounts, Gmail, Yahoo
Photoalbum: Google…
Weblog: No… no time/too lazy to create one
Community: No…

2. meir - March 20, 2007

email: hotmail, gmail, yahoo
weblog: xanga
photoalbum: imagestation…(long time no use)
community: altho lots of ppl want me to join, i didnt XD…

3. pAuL - March 20, 2007

Email: Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, .Mac, TFmail, Netvigator
Photoalbum: .Mac HP, Imagestation(mo use lu)
Weblog: Xanga, Blogger
Community: Facebook, and many more I’ll never use

4. laang - March 20, 2007

That’s a lot of email accounts that you’ve got man… Which ones are acutually active and to which one should I send my e-mail then?

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