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Prayer on 75/F March 24, 2007

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I went to Central Plaza in Wan Chai tonight. Why? To attend a prayer meeting. It was not a long meeting but everyone was really into it, we prayed, we worshipped. We were praying for the coming Hong Kong Chinese Alpha Conference tonight. (in fact we welcome brothers and sisters from the Mainland as well)
Oh I have to say, the veiw there was spectacular! It’s the highest level of the 2nd tallest building in HK. (is that rite?) And from there you have 360 degree 無敵 view of Hong Kong. I really want to go there again to pray, it feels just great. (not just about feelings, I know. OK, the annoiting was great too ^^) I took a few photos from there. Not really well taken because of the reflection of the windows, you got to be there to feel it for yourself. ^^ May God bless Hong Kong, and China! (We sang 宣教的中國 tonight, yey!)


Family Love March 22, 2007

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Yours, Mine & Ours (Movie Review)
Watched this movie today, It’s about a widowed Coast Guard Admiral and a widow handbag designer who fall in love and marry, much to the dismay of her 10 and his 8 children. To some people this movie may be not too appealing, and a little 白痴, but I found it quite touching and enjoyable, in fact I plan to buy the DVD myself. Love can break walls of any kind, that of Berlin, as well as that found between us and our family.
It’s a comedy, so don’t expect it to be too “realistic”. After all, how many families have 18 kids? But let me ask you a question, who doesn’t want a family? Usually they are those who don’t have a good one. Our family is our home, it should be where we’ll turn to when we have trouble, and where we get comfort when we get hurt. That’s my belief. But the truth is, we have to fight for it, cause we all have our limitations, and we’re all not perfect. But it is well worth every bit of our effort. Take a look at this family and you’ll see.
I just love watching movies that warm my heart. Because when my heart is warm, I feel love. 🙂 May the love of Jesus fill you up, my friends.

Victoria Peak, long time no see! March 22, 2007

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Had dinner with my sons on the peak tonight, the view was spectacular and Burger King was indeed very yummy. (There’re 2 sizes of the burgers, beware not to order the wrong one, especially if it is the bigger one that you’re going for, or u’ll be very disappointed, like Alex was tonight…) It’s been a while since we went out together like what we did tonight, I’m very grateful, praise the Lord! (And Alex, add oil with the pilot thing!)

Facebook, Twitter, Xanga… Part II March 22, 2007

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Have been trying out Facebook for the last couple of days. It’s a hybrid of weblog, (like Xanga) intant messenging service, online photo album, and a little more of its own. It may sound awefully complicated but in face it’s simple than I thought it was. Still exploring but I’ll keep using it for at least a while. ^^ Do you Facebook too? My account e-mail is laang@laanga.com. You can click on my Facebook badge on the right to read my profile.

Doesn’t she look familiar? March 21, 2007

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After school last night, A woman who looked very familiar was spotted crossing the junction in front of Park C.. Does she not look familiar? Yes, I do think she looks Chau Kei a lot… So I took a pic of her.

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Spotted March 21, 2007

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The owner of the truck either loves them, or hates them! Yuck!

Facebook, Twitter, Xanga… March 20, 2007

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E-mail.MacGmail,Tungfook mail




你們呢,不介意的話post上comment看看。 🙂

Youth Alpha HK 2007 March 18, 2007

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剛剛完成了第一屆香港少年啟發課程的「動員大會」。(說來失禮,其實完咗都唔知嗰晚全名叫乜東東)雖然當晚來參加的人不算太多,但大家都很投入地敬拜和禱告,願神不單大大地使用三月的這一個聚會,在四月的Worship Concert和各個成人和少年的啟發聚會中更興起祂的僕人去工作,為祂自己的名的緣故得著更多未得之民!還有Planetshakers和Tim Hughes也會來哩!大家要上官方網址訂票啊!Consuming fire, fan into flame, a passion for Your name Jesus!

I’m switching to English for those of you who can’t read Chinese. 😉 It’s really my pleasure and honor to serve the Lord with you guys, you’re all so so so great brothers and sisters. I’ve learnt a lot from you, your humble heart for God, love for the lost, and of course, you talent in music and organizing activities.

I’ve made this poster AFTER the meeting in March to remind me of the mercy and miraculous work of God, and the time we had together. Looking forward to seeing you guys! Love you all, Alain, or Laang.

If you want to print this thing out, you need to download the high-resolution version, you can click HERE to download. Beware, the file is large. (12Mb)

A time to work, and a time to rest… March 17, 2007

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無錢買Wii?唔緊要,有Lego就得啦! March 17, 2007

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Lego Wii 1 Lego Wii 2